Greens Treasured Yorkies

BabyDoll Faced YorkShire Terriers


Gorgeous Babydoll Faces with silky dark coats

Due to some personal changes, we are happy to Announce our New Name!!!

Please book mark us as we make the changes.....

We are now:

Exquisite Babydolls !

Please email for puppy availability

(I do not give breeding rights) 

Applications are now being accepted 

***NEW****   Currently Under construction 

- Email us to check puppy


availability and Also to get our 

New domain name!!!

***Due to the high volume of Fake emails, Fake Inquires and

 spam, we have had to change our email.  

Our new email is

Send Email to

I sell to Companion Pet homes only - No breeding Rights

( Puppy application must be filled out -

 Copy and paste App - see 

App  below )


Please send an email to see if I 

might have something not posted.

Email me

~ Also please copy and paste my puppy application on 

this page to me in an email ~

AKC Inspected and Approved in compliance with AKC Rules and Regulations

Thank you For stopping by my website!  I not only enjoy my Yorkie family, I love working with photos and photography, so what else is a better way then showing off my babies on a website! 

Please drop by often as I love sharing photo's of my photography, which is why I made this website

We breed on a very small scale, only having a couple litters per year.  

Our yorkies are family first and live in the house hold and sleep in our bed.

Since I do not have many litters, if you want to be placed on a waiting list, please contact me and I can keep you updated on when I might have a litter again.

My babies are always born under my care and I spend all my time possible with them until it is time for them to go home at 12 weeks.

Puppies can not have visitors until after their first vaccine, which is around 9 - 10 weeks of age.  This is for their protection.

If you see a puppy you want and are approved, a deposit will be required to hold them for you.  

I will no longer hold any puppy for any reason without a deposit.  

Please also keep in mind deposits are no longer refundable OR transferable.  

If something were to happen to your choice puppy while in my care the deposit WILL be refunded, however for no other reason.

I do not ship my puppies.  I like to meet my puppies new family members.

My contact information :

I will reply you same day most times

***I reserve the right to refuse a sale and to cancel any sale at any time*** 

Puppy Application

Please copy and paste into an email to me

Your Name:



State and Zip:

Contact Phone:


Where did you hear of me? Give Detailed answer:

What is your user name:

How many children to you have and their ages:

Do you own other dogs?

How many?

Are they spayed or Neutered?

Have you ever owned a Yorkie before?

Are you familiar with Hypoglycemia and what causes it in yorkies and know how to prevent it?

Why do you want a yorkie?

Do you want a male or a female?

How will your yorkie be kept while you are away?

How many hours a day will your yorkie be left alone?

Describe what you are looking for in a yorkie? (size, color gender)

Do you plan to breed this dog? Breeding rights cost more and must be approved by me first.

Are you a Breeder wanting full AKC? Tell me about your breeding program here. Describe a normal day in the life of your dogs. How are they kept? Where do they sleep. Please list DETAILS.

When are you looking to get your puppy?

What is your price range? My pricing starts at $1300 and goes up.

Once a deposit is placed, you understand your deposit in NON refundable and NON transferable, correct?

Please tell me anything you’d like to add here:

Do you want to be sure to get the babydoll of your choice?  Join my waiting list!

Due to the limited number of litters I have, 
I am now offering a waiting list so you will 
not miss out on your dream babydoll.

***Please note you do NOT have to join the 
list.  List buyers just get notified first on puppies and have the choice to either take a pup at that time or pass and wait on another litter ***

When babies are born I will contact you and let you know the babies are here.  Once I decide who is for sale and their price I will send you photos and information details. 
 Puppy prices range from $1000 to $2500 normally.

Here are my instructions on joining my list:

First please fill out my puppy adoption form  and copy and paste it to me in an email.

After I review your application I will contact you and then you can send a $500 non refundable deposit to hold your place on my list.
Puppies must be chosen at 6  weeks of age.  I will contact each perspective buyer.  I will give you 24 hours to decide if whether or not to purchase from the available litter.   If you pass on a puppy from the current litter , you will remain on the list until you find the puppy of your choice

***I reserve the right to refuse a sale to anyone if I feel that it is not in the best interest of the puppy. I also retain the right to first pick(s) of any and ALL of my litters .  I will only make pups available that I am not keeping.***

Puppy Waiting List :

  M. F.  - Female  / Male                                    
  C L. - Female                                  

We breed on a very small scale, only having 2-3 litters per year.  We breed for a tiny babydoll face expression with a thick dark coat, short legs and cobby body.  Please contact us to be placed on the list as we do not have alot of litters and only breed when we have a list in place. Texas yorkies, California, Georgia, apple head, extreme, babydoll, teacup, micro, maltese, starlight Yorkies ,  yorkie, yorkies, yorkshire terriers, yorkshire terriers for sale, yorkshire terrier, yorkie puppies, yorkie puppy, yorkies for sale, tiny yorkies, tiny yorkshire terriers, mini yorkies, mini yorkshire terriers, teacup yorkies, teacup yorkshire terriers for sale, akc yorkies, akc yorkshire terriers, akc yorkie breeders, yorkie breeder, yorkshire terrier breeders, shipping a yorkie, yorkie studs, yorkie stud, yorkie dams, akc, ytca, grooming a yorkie, yorkie health, yorkie champions,  toy breeds, yorkie growth chart, dog clothes, dog beds , Healthy dog food, Greens Treasured Yorkieshire Terriers , Greens Yorkies, Greens Treasures, treasured Yorkies, Life's Abundance,  cat food, dog food, feeding yorkies  applehead yorkies, extreme babydoll, parti yorkies, parti yorkshire terriers, biewer yorkies, babyface yorkies, babydoll face yorkies, smooshy face yorkies, parti,  parti yorkies, Calafornia Yorkies, Texas Yorkies, Shih tzu breeder, babydoll face yorkies, black yorkies, tiny teacup, New York Yorkies, smooshy face yorkies, Chihuahua puppys for sale, Shih tzu, Yorkie Growth chart, Chihuahua Growth chart, Apple heads, Extreme Yorkies, Extreme Faced Yorkies, short nosed yorkies, babydoll faced yorkies, teacup extremes